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Robotics applied in unstructured environments are achieving a significant role in the industry. It is possible to execute fundamental new operations in mining, construction, space, forestry, and many other areas through its functionalities. The range of solutions is scaling and changing rapidly.

Besides, robotics is set to become the driving technology to support an entirely new generation of autonomous and teleoperated devices, and artificial intelligence devices that, through their learning capabilities, interact with the world around them, creating a link between the digital and physical world. Robotics are already a critical driver of competitiveness and flexibility in large scale manufacturing industries. It allows:

Positively modify lives and work systems

Boost efficiency and safety levels

Provide enhanced levels of service

SK Godelius conceives, designs, configures and implements robotic solutions by developing them partly autonomous and partly teleoperated. Our robotics projects are created by applying state-of-art technology, such as:



Artificial Vision Systems

Diverse Kinds of Sensors

Complex Energy Systems

Our Cases

Godelius X

A teleoperated robot capable of working in hazardous and unstructured areas performing complex activities under any condition. It works on wireless network coverage, under close to no latency, providing an immediate response with high mobility and accuracy during the operation.


Cases and Projects

Every project is specially developed according to each request by taking into account all the individual details and specifications. Check out some of our success stories:

The quickest and most straightforward solution to follow and record construction projects by managing the progress with 360° image capture allied to AI. SK Godelius, in conjunction with Engineering and Construction (ICSK), has developed a Construction Progress Management System which uses all these new technological tools and lays the foundations for radical gains in productivity... Progress Management System for Construction Companies LEARN MORE Cases / Robotics and Automation SK Godelius, together with ENAEX, orchestrated a program aimed at the design of equipment, machinery and robots that together carried out the installation of explosives without direct human presence. Read More Teleoperation and robotics applied to rock fragmentation, ENAEX LEARN MORE Cases / Robotics and Automation Development of Godelius X, a robot that works in an autonomous, semi-autonomous or teleoperated way. It can be adapted to different dynamics of interaction with other robots, providing support and maintenance tasks. Read More Godelius X: a field robot for unstructured environments LEARN MORE Cases / Robotics and Automation
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All Solutions and Services

SK Godelius’ priority is to work together with companies to develop individual projects according to specific customers’ needs. We can create and execute complete projects related to robotic operation and automation, teleoperation, connectivity and networks, and services solutions. Check below all the solutions we offer to our customers:

and Networks




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