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Communications networks design, configuration and build is a fundamental layer within SK Godelius’ projects and services. We are a specialist in developing and executing projects:

From concept
to design

Design of improvement of Local Area Networks (LAN).

Design of improvement of Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Internet access and security


LAN (copper, fibre optics)

Wireless LAN

Wireless backhaul (WLAN, microwave links)

Satellite access


Network monitoring


Uptime and applications performance

Internet security – firewall, content filtering


Design, build, and monitoring networks fitted to improve application performance.

SK Godelius offers cutting-edge technology regarding networks and connectivity to our clients in many different scenarios, ensuring its flawless operation.

The value of the importance of network connectivity cannot be underestimated. It is the backbone of any organization. Therefore, businesses need to adopt reliable network connectivity to execute their daily business operations successfully, especially when talking about teleoperated projects and projects conducted in remote or underground areas. Making use of expertly designed and installed networks streamline processes and increase productivity and the organization’s reputation.

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Cases and Projects

Every project is specially developed according to each request by taking into account all the individual details and specifications. Check out some of our success stories:

Ingenieria y Construccion Sigdo Koppers (ICSK), a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has been awarded a contract by Arauco that consists of the construction and assembly of equipment for the collection and treatment of the gaseous substances emitted by Licancel Constitución, Arauco and Valdivia plants. Read More Celulosa Arauco for Engineering and Construction Sigdo Koppers (ICSK), Chile Cases / Connectivity and Networks LEARN MORE SK COMSA, a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has been awarded a contract for constructing the maritime works of Quebrada Blanca 2. The deal involves constructing and assembling the dock for concentrate and water supply loading, conveyor belt and mooring systems for ships, supply and discharge of seawater for the desalination plant, utility networks,... Connectivity Quebrada Blanca 2 for SK COMSA: Port (QB2-Puerto), Chile Cases / Connectivity and Networks LEARN MORE
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SK Godelius’ priority is to work together with companies to develop individual projects according to specific customers’ needs. We can create and execute complete projects related to robotic operation and automation, teleoperation, connectivity and networks, and services solutions. Check below all the solutions we offer to our customers:



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